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- Vibration control damper SMCB(Samyoung-Mitsubishi Channel Damper) refers to the reinforcement construction method which installs the hysteresis damper between the pillars around the center part of the reinforced concrete beam. It is vibration control reinforced construction method which is designed to cause hysteresis behavior by the core material inside the damper and to prevent buckling which occurs in compression

- The feature of SMCB damper which has great initial stiffness even during deformation due to altered shape when transverse load like earthquake load is applied, the energy is disperse efficiently.
- Effective dispersion of earthquake energy in the construction
- Secure prominent earthquake proof ability
- Easy construct ability and maintenance
- Secure fine view by integral construction
- Freedom and application of design
- High reliability
- Increase economic feasibility
- Internal, external construction method : When the internal force of the existing steel/reinforced concrete construction is deficient, install highly stiff beam on the center of the beam and install SMCB damper between the pillar and fore-end to reinforce internal force and consist the SMCB damper as one hysteresis system.

Internal construction method

External construction method

- Hysteresis mechanism : Hysteresis mechanism using the bending deformation when transverse loan like earthquake load is applied, According to the beam curvature change, the stiff beam rotates and generates tension and compression to 2 or 4 SMCB dampers to absorb energy.
- Damper experiment : In the Hysteresis feature experiment, used ±1,000KN pyro testing device to the actual sized experiment subject and for the under loading pattern, performed gradual loading, earthquake response excitation, pyro under in displacement control.

Considering the longitudinal cross-section area change of the SMCB damper, assumed that one SMCB damper is 5 strong properties connected in series, and confirmed that the experiment result is almost identical to the theoretical expectation which decides the initial stiffness.

- Performance experiment : In order to verify the vibration control ability of the beam type SMCB damper, performed repeated loading test to the half scale model. It showed the construction model and SMCB damper's hysteresis feature.

SMCB experiment result : Initial stiffness increased(Strength reinforcement effect)

- When steel frame is reinforced, the stiffness is doubled compared to the stiffness of RC frame before reinforcement. In case of external construction method made up of steel frame + SMCB damper, the stiffness of the RC frame is confirmed to be increased threefold. So, the stiffness reinforcement effect to increase the stiffness of the construction of the SMCB beam type construction method is very big.

Due to the feature of SMCB damper which has big initial stiffness in small deformation generated by the deformation of the frame structure when transverse loan like earthquake load is applied, the energy is disperse effectively.